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About us

Kingsdale Academy is committed to providing a caring environment for children. Our professionals, parents and members of our school community are actively involved as partners in helping each student achieve their potential for excellence. As a member of Peaceful Schools International, we function according to a peaceful school philosophy. Our philosophy of discipline is an educational process that develops and promotes the growth of students’ self-control, and encourages and reinforces responsible behavior.


Each staff member works hard to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to reach their own potential in a safe, respectful learning environment. Our students are encouraged to feel positive about themselves and be proud of their accomplishments.


Kingsdale Academy is a community of lifelong learners committed to:

  • Developing and encouraging the abilities and intelligences of all by providing the necessary opportunities through differentiated learning
  • Introducing and maintaining cooperation, autonomy and confidence
  • Fostering awareness, sensitivity and support within our community and the world

We want Kingsdale to be the best part of your day!