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Kingsdale Times

May 2019

From the Editor

Summer is finally near!! I am looking forward to watching our grade 6 students graduate in a couple of weeks. It is almost time to say goodbye to them but before we do, we hope you enjoy another edition of the Kingsdale Times. They have worked so hard this year and I am beyond proud of them!

Mme. Lia




Kingsdale News

WOW! There’s a lot going on this month!

  • To start off we had our music and art show on the 2nd of May. Everyone had a blast and there was also people selling popcorn to help raise money for the kindergarten field trips (past and upcoming).

  • We also had a ped day on May 3rd . The grade 5 students had their Enrichment Entrance Exam. Also, four lucky students from the green team got to go to the green summit at Beechwood with Mme. Lia and Miss Suzannah.

  • The Family Fun Run took place on the 5th of May at Centennial park.

  • The grade 6 Language arts exam started on May 6th.

  • On the 7th of May, the Kingsdale WE club provided lunch for the children at La Corde. Everyone had a blast! Thank you Kingsdale WE club.

  • There was pizza lunch for people who Pre-ordered pizza.

  • On the 9th the grade 4 students had their 2nd dose of the vaccines. We also had the earth day assembly at lunch. Thank you green team for organising the assembly!

  • On May 10th, cycle 2 went on a field trip to CEPSUM, the sport center. They had a blast!

  • Mother’s Day was on the 12th. Hopefully everyone showed their moms some love!

  • On the 13th the kindergarten students went to Vivalis-Intergenerational outing.

  • On the 14th, the JR cross country run took place at Dorset. It was also denim day. Students got to wear denim and the money raised went towards fighting breast cancer.

  • On the 15th, twenty grade 6 students were supposed to have a video call with Julie Payette but due to technical difficulty in Ottawa we couldn’t connect for the exciting video chat. They promised that they would reschedule in June. Many thanks to Mr. Peter Mercurio and Mme Robineau for all of their efforts in trying to allow the students to participate.

  • We had no school on the 17th as it was a ped day!

  • We also had no school on the 20th because it was Victoria Day!

  • On May 22nd, cycle 1 went on a fieldtrip.

  • On May 24th, the Kindergarten students were supposed to go to Alexander Park to have a picnic. Due to the weather conditions they had their picnic inside the school.  

by Brooke



Victoria Day

Victoria Day is a celebration for Queen Victoria’s birthday on May 24. In Canada it is a federal public holiday celebrated the Monday between the 18th to the 24th. The holiday, only celebrated in Canada & Scotland, began on May 24th 1819 , in honor of the British Queen’s birthday.

By Analisa


Recipe of the month/ Recette du mois


Preparation time: 10 to 15 minutes
For 6 people
Can last 5 days in an airtight container

• 13 mejdool dates
• ½ cup oats
• 1 cup of mulberry
• ½ cup of coconut flakes
• ½ cup of pistachios
• ½ cup of nuts
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla
• Pinch of salt

First, get rid of the core of the medjool dates
Place the dates in the food processor and mix until they are cut into small pieces
Do not mix at high speed, you do not want a puree of dates, but rather small pieces
Add the rest of the ingredients, and mix little by little
Place your rawnola in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator.

Temps de préparation: 10 à 15 minutes
Pour 6 personnes
Peut durer 5 jours dans un récipient hermétique

• 13 dates mejdool
• ½ tasse d'avoine
• 1 tasse de mûriers
• ½ tasse de flocons de coco
• ½ tasse de pistaches
• ½ tasse de noix
• 1 càc de vanille
• Pincée de sel
Tout d'abord, se débarrasser du noyau des dattes medjoo
Placer les dattes dans le robot culinaire et mixer jusqu'à ce qu'ils soient coupés en petits morceaux
Ne pas mélanger à haute vitesse, on ne veut pas une purée de dattes, mais plutôt des petits morceaux
Ajoutez le reste des ingrédients, et mélanger petit à petit
Placer votre rawnola dans un pot hermétique et le ranger dans le réfrigérateur.


Bonne appétit!!!

By Jessica


Le Film du mois

Comment dresser votre dragon
Le monde caché

Le casting:
Jay Baruchel - Hiccup
America Ferrera - Astrid
Cate Blanchett - Valka
Kit Harington - Eret
Craig Ferguson - Gobber
Gerard Butler - Stoick the Vast
F. Murray Abraham - Grimmel
Kristen Wiig - Ruffnut
Jonah Hill - Snotlout
Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Fishlegs
T.J. Miller - Tuffnut


Maintenant chef et dirigeant de Berk aux côtés d'Astrid, Hiccup a créé une utopie de dragon glorieusement chaotique. Lorsque l’apparition soudaine de Light Fury féminin coïncide avec la plus sombre menace à laquelle leur village ait jamais été confronté, Hiccup et Toothless doivent quitter le seul foyer qu’ils ont connu et se rendre dans un monde caché qui n’existera que dans le mythe. À mesure que leurs véritables destins seront révélés, dragon et son cavalier se battront ensemble - jusqu'aux extrémités de la Terre - pour protéger tout ce qu’ils ont appris à chérir.


by Ava and Marley


Movie of the Month

Avengers End Game


Click here for full cast and crew

The Producer
● Kevin Feige

The Directors
● Anthony Russo
● Joe Russo


After the tragic events of Avengers Infinity War, we find Tony Stark and Nebula adrift in space. Captain Marvel finds them in space and brings them back to Earth. Once they come back to Earth, they all have a coordinated attack on Thanos. They have defeated Thanos, but before they have done that, Thanos has destroyed the infinity stones, with the stones! What will the remaining heroes do now without the stones? Find out while watching Avengers Endgame in theatres now!


  • Avengers Endgame made 1.2 billion dollars on the first week that it came out!
  • Avengers Endgame is the second highest grossing film, it is about to beat Avatar.
  • The Russo brothers, who have directed marvel movies are taking a break for the MCU’s (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 4th phase.
  • This movie’s run time is 3 hours and 2 minutes!

by Francis


Livre du mois

Anne des Pignons Verts

Auteur: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Illustrateur: Jacques Fromont


Matthew et Marilla Cuthbert sont des frères et soeurs non mariés vivant dans leur ferme ancestrale, Green Gables, dans la paisible ville d’Avonlea, à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard, au Canada. Matthew a soixante ans et, comme il est devenu trop vieux pour s'occuper seul des travaux agricoles, les Cuthberts décident d'adopter un orphelin pour l'aider.

par Lauryn et Willow


Teacher Feature

Mrs. Boyd


By Phaedra