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Kingsdale Times

April 2019

From the Editors

We hope everyone had a great Easter and a happy Passover. Spring is finally on it’s way and we are looking forward to all the end of year activities that will be taking place at Kingsdale. Our thoughts and prayers are with the flood victims. Our community has been so kind and helpful. We are proud to be part of the Kingsdale community.

Mme. Lia & Mme. Maria




Kingsdale News

  • To start off we had a ped day on the 1st! No that’s not a joke!

  • On the 2nd, 14 grade 6 students went to Riverdale High School to participate in the Math Olympics. Great job to everyone who participated!

  • April 2nd-12th was the grade 4 French exam. Good job to all grade 4 students!

  • K4 sign up started the week of the 15th.

  • On the 17th, we had an assembly with Steve Atme. Staff and students were asked to wear their Kingsdale t-shirts.

  • We had a 5 day weekend for Easter whoo hoo!

  • On the 24th, there was a dance rehearsal for students and staff only. Good job everyone!


What’s going on in the classrooms?

All grade levels are working hard on their bilingual projects and activities.


The kindergarten students had an Easter egg hunt with their grade 6 buddies and they had a blast! They also had an Easter party with games, activities and even a chocolate mountain. They also got a surprise bag from the eastern bunny!

Cycle 1:

The grade 2 students are working hard on a play in French with their grade 6 buddies. 

Cycle 2: 

The grade 4 students in math are comparing division and fractions to see what they have in common. They have also been brainstorming ways to save the earth in both English and French.

Cycle 3:

The grade 5 students finished their math exams and they all survived and are all still here! The grade 5 students are also working on a biography project. Good luck grade 5!


By Brooke




Catholics and Christians believe that Easter is the day that Jesus rose from the dead and they celebrate by going to church. For the most of us, we celebrate by doing Easter egg hunts or having a special dinner with family. For Catholics and Christians, the Easter egg is symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Painting Easter eggs is an especially beloved tradition in the Orthodox and Eastern Christian churches where the eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross.

Did you know?

- Americans spend 1.9 billion dollars on Easter eggs.

- 70% of Easter candy purchased is chocolate 

By Analisa and Lara


Music of the month

Cuphead OST - 48 - The King's Court

Composer: Kristofer Maddigan  

King’s Court is part of the soundtrack of the game Cuphead. Cuphead is a game that came out in September 29, 2017. The game was developed by Studio MDHR. MDHR is for moldenhauer. The Cuphead soundtrack consist of nearly 3 hours of original jazz, early big band, and ragtime music. This game’s animation will make you feel nostalgic because of its 1930’s style of animation. This style is an early kind of Rubber Hose which was used for multiple cartoons, such as:

-Mickey Mouse
-Looney Toons
-Donald Duck
-Tom and Jerry (Van Beuren)
-Betty Boop
-Merrie Melodies 

This soundtrack even was a nominee for the Juno Award for Instrumental Album of the Year in 2018. I hope you will have a listen to this soundtrack and I hope you love it! 

By Francis


Math Olympics


Math problems we had to do: /p>

  • High Dive

  • 100 meter dash

  • White water rafting


  1. (High dive) For the high dive 6 groups of 2 from each school go up and do the math problem.

  2. (100 meter dash) For the 100 meter dash there are 12 kids from each school who go up and try to solve 10 questions in 10 minutes.

  3. (White water rafting) For the white water rafting 6 groups of 2 kids from each school go up to solve the math problem.

Break out mission

We also had to break into two boxes with 5 locks. We had to use our math skills to get into them. We came in 6th place for this event. We had 40 minutes to do it.

We came in 8th place overall out of 11 schools! 

By Willow and Lauren



Recipe of the month/ Recette du mois


Roasted apples with orange

Preparation: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
For 4 people:
4 apples
2 orange
2 tablespoons of sugar


  1. In a hollow dish, place four beautiful slices of oranges with their skin.

  2. Cut the top of apple and empty the core. Put the slices of oranges in the apples.

  3. Cook for 12 minutes in a hot oven and during this time squeeze the remaining orange juice, add the sugar and stir.

  4. When the skin of the apples splits, sprinkle with juice and continue to cook for another 3 minutes.

  5. Serve warm


Pommes rôties à l'orange

Préparation: 5min
Cuisson:15 min
Pour 4 personnes:
4 pommes
2 orange
2 cuillerées à soupe de sucre


  1. Dans un plat creux, installez quatre belles rondelles d’orange avec leur peau que vous aurez prélevées de la première orange.

  2. Posez sur ces rondelles d’orange les pommes après avoir fendu leur peau par endroit avec un petit couteau pointu.

  3. Faites cuire pendant 12 minutes à four chaud et pendant ce temp pressez le jus du reste des oranges, ajoutez-lui le sucre et remuez.

  4. Lorsque la peau des pommes se fend, arrosez-les du jus et continuez à les faire cuire encore 3 minutes.

  5.  Servez tiède.

By Jessica



Jokes of the month - Les blagues du mois

Q) Can February March?

A) No, but April May!


Q) Why is the letter A like a flower?

A) A bee (B) comes after it!


Q) What do you call a rabbit with fleas?

A) Bugs Bunny


Q) What do you call a dinosaur that's sleeping?

A) A dino-snore!


Q) Why can’t Elsa have a balloon?

A)Because she will let it go.


Q) Quelles sont les deux plus vieilles lettres de l’alphabet?
R) C’est clair: A, G

Q) La maîtresse demande à Toto : “Quel est le futur de ‘je bâille’ ?”
R) “Je dors !”

Q) Un voleur est au vingtième étage d’un immeuble. Tout à coup son pied glisse et il tombe en bas.
R) Les policiers disent : “Ce fut son dernier vol.”

Q) Une maman citron dit à ses enfants :
R) Pour vivre longtemps, il ne faut jamais être pressé !

Q) J’ai un bras, trois têtes, et quatre jambes. Qui suis-je ?
R) Un menteur.

by Ava and Marley